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We dedicate our huge community to advertising. Whether you're looking for a server to join, or want to advertise it out there, our server is perfect.

Just ask the 13,000+ other users who agree with us.


Perfect for Anyone

Looking for a server to join? Want to advertise your server? You can do that here.

Loads of Categories

We have hundreds of categories to choose from, ranging from Anime servers to Gaming servers.

Best Advertising Server

We have special services and have blogs where our staff share advice to help grow your server.

Very Little Limits

Unlike other advertising servers, we allow you to post your ad 4 times every 24 hours.

Get To #1

We're not all advertising. Special chatting lounges exist, the more you chat: the more you gain XP and level up and get to #1!


What Can You Advertise?


Discord Servers


Game Servers

Social Media

Facebook Pages

Steam Groups

YT Channels


Twitch Channels

Soundcloud Pages


RBX Groups/Games

Minecraft Servers

GMOD Servers

CS:GO Servers

Fortnite Servers

and loads more...

What are you waiting for?

Join 13,000+ members and counting advertising their services!


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